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Audio samples of 14 of the songs songs that will appear on "Dancing With The Past", the forthcoming album from vocalist/guitarist Kenn Nardi of St. Louis, Missouri-based progressive/melodic thrash metallers ANACRUSIS, can be streamed below."I haven't decided whether to release it as ANACRUSIS or just a solo project," Nardi told Heavy Skull in a recent interview. "The music was all written with the intention of being ANACRUSIS, but I am playing everything myself aside from a handful of songs that John [Emery,Detroit Tigers Willie Horton Jersey, bass] had already recorded the bass parts on. "The idea was to track everything against programmed drum parts,Chicago Cubs Trevor Cahill Jersey, so I could begin the process without having to record all of the drums first. Then we would go back and have Mike [Owen, drums] play the drums and replace them that way. We just never got far with them learning their parts and were not getting anything accomplished while I was still writing and tracking new songs. With so much new material, it would take forever with our current schedules to finish it,Cleveland Indians Abraham Almonte Jersey, and I really wasn’t sure if John and Mike were really into doing it at all. Eventually, I just decided to do it all myself. Maybe this isn't the best way, but I did want to finish it and I am very happy with the results. I am also much happier to do what I want without having to get agreement from the other guys. Maybe they didn't like the direction I was headed musically. I don't know,Carli Lloyd Jersey, but I am very excited about these new songs and I think this will be a metal album like none that has ever been done (or at least that I've ever heard)."He added in an online posting: "Eliran Kantor is once again working on the cover art and I am also excited to see what 'face' he will give this album. "As I said before, there will be be 28 songs, including one instrumental,Tobin Heath USA Jersey, and will range from mid-tempo 'classic' metal to thrash to doom along with some more mellow stuff, lots and lots of melody and even a brand new version of 'A Little Light' from my CRUEL APRIL project. "Some of the songs originally reach back as far as 1994,Lance Alworth Chargers Jersey, shortly after the breakup of ANACRUSIS, some were written several years ago, some during our 2009-2013 reunion and others in recent weeks, so it will really represent 20 years of musical creativity that I have attempted to pull together into one cohesive collection of songs."The running time of the album will be approximately 2 hours and 40 minutes. That's just about as much music as can be crammed onto two CDs. It would also be great to do a vinyl version, but I'm afraid it would have to be a box-set just to fit everything in."According to Sputnik Music, "Dancing With The Past" will feature the following track listingisc one:01. Unnecessary Evil02. Fragile03. Made04. Armies Of One05. Dead Letters06. Submerged07. Lament In Rust (instrumental)08. [Not yet titled]09. This Killer In My House10. Await The Setting Sun11. Untouchable12. Stabbing Sorrow13. The Dark And The Light14. The Scarlet LetterDisc two:01. Spitting Bitter02. Ordinary03. Dancing With The Past04. One World05. Creve Coeur (A Place Called Broken Heart)06. A Little Light07. Blood In The Water08. Dead Men's Bones09. The Telling Skies10. Climbing11. Blinding Lies12. Symbiotic13. Beside Myself14. The RuntANACRUSIS in 2010 spent time in the studio recording a "new" album entitled "Hindsight: Suffering Hour & Reason Revisited". The two-CD set featured both ANACRUSIS' debut album, "Suffering Hour", and its second release, "Reason", along with the classic ANACRUSIS demo track "Apocalypse", all fully re-recorded by the original lineup of Nardi, Kevin Heidbreder, John Emery and Mike Owen. The package also featured a 24-page,Bacary Sagna Jersey, full-color booklet with lyrics and lots of photos both old and new. The cover art was created by Eliran Kantor (TESTAMENT, SIGH, MEKONG DELTA,Gina Lewandowski Soccer Jersey, GWAR).In 2009,Meghan Klingenberg USA Jersey, Stormspell Records released the CD/DVD compilation, "Annihilation Complete: The Early Years Anthology", which featured ANACRUSIS' demo and video footage of Nardi's pre-ANACRUSIS band, HEAVEN'S FLAME.Audio samples part one:

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